China at NPE2009 International Plastics Exhibition

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NPE2009, the triennial NPE2009 (American International Plastics Exhibition) ended its four-day exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, on June 26. According to the US data, nearly 200 Chinese enterprises booked booths, a 70% increase over the previous exhibition, which also made China the country with the largest number of exhibitors in this exhibition except the native United States

such data may overestimate the actual level of domestic enterprises. Compared with Japanese machinery manufacturing enterprises that have established a firm foothold to order large booths with high specifications, domestic enterprises tend to choose those ordinary booths located at the back of the hall that are relatively cheap

however, there is no doubt that Chinese power is still the driver of this NPE, and the data over the years well support this view. At the last exhibition held in 2006, a total of 115 enterprises from China and Hong Kong participated in the exhibition. Earlier, at the 2003 exhibition, only 27 Chinese enterprises participated in NPE. This time, 194 Chinese enterprises (including Hong Kong) booked booths at NPE

"in the process of economic downturn, many people will think it is not a good time to participate in the exhibition, but I think, to some extent, this is a good opportunity to consolidate new customers and improve the share of enterprises in the western market." Said the overseas sales manager of Shandong dawn group, the original cutting supplier of industry leaders. "In the past, customers were willing to choose famous brand products. Now they have to consider the price at the same time, which gives us a chance."

Nanjing jieente electromechanical Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of extrusion machine, also believes that American customers' acceptance of domestic affordable machines has increased

James, an American trader who acts as an agent for Nanjing and Jiangsu products, also said: many customers are looking for affordable imported goods, but some customers have rejected his products, although his products may be only half the price of the same products of large western companies. These customers feel that using Chinese products in their key markets is risky. But now this phenomenon is less than before. Now everyone is very concerned about price

Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest raw material suppliers in China and the world. They said that NPE is the largest exhibition in the plastic industry in the world, and they hope to enhance their brand through this platform. Mr. Guang, their global marketing director, said that they had booked the booth two years ago. At that time, the universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) produced by economic Shandong Hengxu was widely used to stretch and tighten non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastics, textiles, wires and cables, composites, leather, waterproof coiled materials, non-woven fabrics, geotextiles, paper and metal materials such as wire, metal foil, metal plate and metal bar The experimental potential of mechanical properties such as bending, shearing, peeling and tearing is much better than now

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