Development of core competitiveness business model

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Overview of core competitiveness, business model and development of domestic charging pile enterprises it is understood that in 2016, China's new energy vehicle market continued to maintain its first position in the world. At the same time, China has also become the country with the fastest development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. According to the 2020 China electric vehicle charging station and charging pile Market Research Report (1) adhering to the "retreat and advance, and doing well in the addition and subtraction method" issued by "China business industry" suguanwang, who explained to PLA's environmental protection and non-toxic characteristics research institute, as of December 2016, there were nearly 150000 public charging infrastructure construction and operation in China, and the number of public charging facilities in China's charging infrastructure ranks first in the world. China's new energy vehicles are developing rapidly, and the supporting charging facilities industry is also accelerating its development. There are many domestic charging pile enterprise giants, such as enterprise standards, industry standards, etc., such as XJ electric, Shanghai Putian, etc. are all outstanding in the industry. From the perspective of charging pile industry chain, what are the mainstream charging pile enterprises in China? What are the differences in their business models

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