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The development of mechanical and electrical equipment fault early warning and safety assurance technology

Abstract: secondary accidents caused by mechanical and electrical equipment faults may cause great economic losses and even casualties. Strengthening the research and development of equipment fault early warning and safety technology is of positive significance to ensure the operation stability of mechanical and electrical equipment. At present, it has been included in the key and urgent research areas in the field of manufacturing and Engineering Science in China. In the process of technology application, appropriate technology types shall be adopted according to the equipment type and its working environment to obtain equipment operation information, make accurate fault early warning and adopt scientific treatment methods

with the development and progress of society, mechanized production has gradually replaced manual production. Electromechanical equipment is widely used in various production fields, realizing the mass production of various products, greatly improving the industrial production efficiency, and creating greater economic benefits for enterprises. However, at the same time, industrial production is increasingly dependent on mechanical and electrical equipment. Once the equipment fails, the production process will be suspended, and enterprises need to bear large economic losses [1]. In order to improve the safety and stability of mechanized production, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and management of electromechanical equipment, strengthen the R & D and application of safety assurance technology, and realize fault early warning by monitoring equipment operating parameters

1. Research background and development trend of mechanical and electrical equipment fault early warning and safety assurance technology

in the production process, if the application of mechanical relaxation testing machine and the key technical points of electrical equipment (especially large-scale key mechanical and electrical equipment) fail, it will not only interrupt the production process, but also easily lead to production safety accidents, resulting in waste of resources, economic losses and even casualties. It can be seen that the smooth operation of electromechanical equipment is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of industrial production and the material basis for the sustainable development of China's economy

compared with the western developed countries, China started late in the research on the daily maintenance and maintenance management of electromechanical equipment, and did not pay enough attention to the equipment management. Most of the time, the maintenance work was carried out after the equipment failure, and the timely maintenance mode was adopted. The losses caused by the electromechanical equipment failure have already formed. In order to reduce the risk of mechanical and electrical equipment failure, it is necessary that 11000 enterprises nationwide with professional contracting qualification for steel structure engineering must solve the problem before the failure occurs. The preventive maintenance mode is adopted to predict the possible failures of mechanical and electrical equipment, prevent them from getting worse, and continuously improve the daily maintenance of equipment, so as to reduce the incidence of secondary accidents. At present, China has incorporated the fault early warning and safety assurance technology of electromechanical equipment into the research scope of manufacturing and Engineering Science, and has received strong support from the major national science and technology projects and the National Natural Science Foundation

2. Implementation path of electromechanical equipment fault early warning and safety assurance technology

in the research of electromechanical equipment fault early warning and safety assurance technology, preliminary research results have been obtained and gradually applied to production practice, revealing the development law of equipment operation status and the basic characteristics of its evolution trend. Technicians can effectively carry out early fault diagnosis of equipment and adjust equipment operation parameters according to the above theory, At the same time, it provides information support for maintenance and repair work, which can effectively reduce the maintenance and repair cost of electromechanical equipment, extend the service life of equipment, and improve the operation efficiency of equipment

in industrial production, the implementation path of early warning and safety assurance technology for electromechanical equipment is as follows: ① information collection method of multi-sensor long samples. For the large-scale key equipment in continuous operation, the on-site multi-sensor system can be used to collect the operation information such as vibration, noise, speed and temperature, conduct statistical analysis and make fault early warning; ② Development law and trend adjustment analysis of mechanical dynamic characteristics of electromechanical equipment. For the multi type electromechanical equipment, the method of all-round mechanical dynamic characteristics and operation state data processing can be used to study the evolution trend of its working state; ③ Research on the development trend of equipment fault under complex operating conditions. During the long-term operation of electromechanical equipment, the signal energy changes obviously, resulting in some fault trend information being flooded. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the fault trend feature from the state feature of fibula station under variable conditions, and extract the fault trend feature; ④ Evaluation of deterioration trend of electromechanical equipment. The development trend and classification method of equipment status are determined, and the safety evaluation model is constructed by using the fault prediction expert system, which can realize the early warning and treatment of different fault types of different electromechanical equipment

3. Conclusion

science and technology are the primary productive forces. In the 21st century, the popularization of direct pre forming of electromechanical equipment in molds by using vacuum system is the embodiment of the specific application of science and technology in production practice. At present, the normal operation of mechanical and electrical equipment is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the enterprise's production system. Once the mechanical and electrical equipment used in production breaks down, it may lead to the interruption of the entire production chain and affect the production benefits of coal mining enterprises. How to ensure the normal operation of these equipment is the responsibility of the equipment maintenance management department. Strengthening the research on fault early warning and safety assurance technology can effectively monitor the operation status of electromechanical equipment, effectively solve the problem before the fault occurs, minimize the risk of equipment failure and ensure the production efficiency of the enterprise


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[Key words] electromechanical equipment; Fault early warning; Safety assurance technology; Development

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