How to decorate the house to save money

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Make a good budget before construction

if you want to save money, you must know where the money is spent, so the necessary budget is needed before decoration. Before the commencement of construction, we can run more in the material market and know the material price well, so as to avoid the late construction team cutting corners and making profits from it. At the same time, we should also calculate the time account. Labor cost is a huge expense, so we must do enough preparatory work before decoration to avoid delaying the construction period due to problems such as materials

only sell the right ones and don't buy expensive ones

don't just pick up expensive ones to buy all kinds of materials, decorations and furniture, whether they are hard or soft in the early stage. You can compare the prices of products and choose the products with the highest cost performance, especially in the selection of furniture. In addition to considering the appearance, price and practical function are the most important

start with the substitution of materials

1. The porch partition screen is replaced by a shoe cabinet

in order to prevent visitors from seeing the living room at a glance, considering practicality and budget, the porch partition screen is replaced by a shoe cabinet. Although the price of the shoe cabinet is more expensive than the porch screen, it is more practical, and the most important thing is to save the cost of the porch screen

2. The lattice glass replaces the lattice floor door

the floor door leading to the back balcony, and the lattice glass replaces the lattice floor aluminum door, which also has the effect of the lattice floor door, but the price is saved by more than 1.5%

3. Choose general brands for wall coating and wall tiles

in home life, people contact the ground most frequently, so the choice of floor materials should pay particular attention to quality, whether it is the floor of bedroom, living room or the floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom, it is best to choose large brands and good products. The coating of the wall and the wall tiles of the kitchen and bathroom can choose general brands. Because the ground has only one side, while the facade has four sides, this choice can save a lot of money

in fact, decoration involves all aspects, and there are many ways to save money. The most important thing is to ask the owner to properly calculate all accounts. Of course, saving money is not cutting corners or picking cheap products. We should also pay attention to the quality of products




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