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Isalai's two-day and two night training course of "national gold medal store manager special training camp" was grandly held in Foshan headquarters on August 24, 2015. The company headquarters attached great importance to and placed great expectations on this training

students sign their names on the isalai sign in wall

isalai, one of the top ten Chinese curtain brands, held a 2-day and 2-night "national gold medal store manager special training camp" training course in Foshan headquarters on August 24, 2015

this class is the largest and most powerful since the training class was held by isalay business school! The headquarters of the company attached great importance to and placed great expectations on this training. The arrangement of the course was discussed and decided by senior leaders and lecturers together, so the whole training course is the most practical and practical dry goods! "Let unqualified store managers become qualified, let qualified store managers become excellent, and let excellent store managers become outstanding!" It is the supreme purpose of this training course

on August 24, the day the students checked in, Xiao Yi received the notification of the students' arrival in Foshan as soon as he went to work. Seeing that the partners' interest in learning is so high, my heart is very bright. I firmly believe that this will be another unforgettable learning journey, especially for the partners who come to study, and the training mechanism of the company can be further improved

next, please follow Xiao Yi to experience this wonderful journey of learning. There are always moments that shock your heart:

isalai's sign greeting gesture ~ yeah

Tutor Lu is explaining the product layout for the students.

on the evening of the 24th, the arrangement is for the students to visit the company's exhibition hall. This tutor is personally executed by manager Lu of the marketing department. The manager of isalailu, the top ten brands of curtains, gave a humorous and passionate explanation, telling the selling points of the products and the effect of interval layout incisively and vividly, and the partners heard more than enough, saying that "listening to you is better than ten years of sales experience." Seeing that the students have realized something and gained something, my heart is very happy. Manager Lu made a good start for the start of the training class

full of the love of isalai's partners

the opening ceremony was scheduled after visiting the exhibition hall. I was worried that the partners would be too tired and planned to have a short ceremony. Unexpectedly, during the opening ceremony, the partners were in high spirits and did not feel tired at all. In order to leave a better impression on everyone, brevity was also avoided. Haha, it's really very loving

early in the morning on the 25th, Xiao Yi had not arrived at the training site (well, it was Lu Chi who was late, and my colleagues arrived first), and there was a flying dragon on the sign in wall. The students' signatures were more beautiful, more creative, and full of love

Mr. Lin said hello to the students

Mr. Lin graded the team members' homework

the students were really lucky this time, and Xiao Yi was also very happy, because the first lesson of the training course, "the soul of isalai - the charm of corporate culture", which started on the 25th, was actually taught by Mr. Lin Jiarong, the marketing director of the headquarters of the company! Very excited, have you? Isalai people are recognized as prince charming, the leader of wisdom and handsome! It's beautiful to think about it! Dear friends, you continue to have fun secretly. Don't be ashamed to express. Your thunderous applause has sold your soul deeply. Seeing President Lin as a lecturer again, I was inexplicably moved. President Lin devoted too much effort to the students, and he was glad that the students also went all out to listen, learn, comprehend and master. What could be more moving and comfortable than the scene of "preaching, teaching and dispelling doubts"? Thank President Lin for his wonderful teaching and the hard work of the leaders

teacher Zhou Jun invited isalai's partner to take the stage to simulate the situation.

teacher Zhou Jun passionately explained the sales secrets.

the next course in the morning of the 25th will be held by teacher Zhou Jun, the God of war. The training content of "creating an authentic and practical" Iraqi store manager "is grounded in the words of students, and lecturers call it actual combat! After the whole training course, the lecturers have adopted the PK point system, so that students can constantly absorb knowledge and break through themselves in a competitive atmosphere! Teacher Zhou Jun's class is masculine, and the magnetic field is strong enough. The passionate way of speaking allows students to develop their ideas infinitely, realize them bit by bit, and then suddenly become bright, which can grow up in an instant

minie teacher teaches isalai partner dancing

take a photo with Meimei's minie teacher ~ ~

the opening course in the afternoon of the 25th will be held by the beautiful minie teacher. The interesting course "fashion etiquette" has benefited all students, especially for women! The most important thing in contact with people is etiquette. Your face, clothes, behavior, speech, etc. can become the first impression that others know you. Academically, it is called the first cause effect. This preconceived impression will cause a factor that can not be ignored for whether you are happy to get along with others in the future

teacher Martin's practical explanation

return of the king - gold medal store manager training

on the 25th, the next course will be held by the male god teacher Martin. "How to build a wolf sales team" and "the secret of over 100 promotional activities" are two classes full of competitive and practical mood, which make the students look forward to very much. The integral PK system has always been teasing the students' nervous system. Coupled with the wonderful and handsome teaching of Mr. Martin (a little sulky when dancing, haha, I love whether Mr. Martin has it), where can the students stop. Every time we come to the interactive session where the teacher asks questions, we don't want to miss it. When we glance at it, our hands are held high. Awesome

teacher ADA and Tutor Lu take a group photo ~

let's welcome teacher ADA to the stage with warm applause

hand in hand, you are my most cherished person

touching moment to hug your most important person

the evening of the 25th is a moving night, a classroom where you can meet your best self. This spiritual journey will be undertaken by the elegant ADA teacher. Teacher ADA's ethereal voice, which directly attacked people's hearts, made everyone's hearts relax, and the whole body and mind were decompressed. Then I think of my beloved family, friends and partners. In the exchange of eyes, deep exchange of eyes, everyone wet their eyes, found their most cherished things in the ripples of tears, and found their original intention to start. Yes, I am the best myself, I am so important! All the deficiencies in the past are discarded. From now on, I will try to be the best myself. I will make the people around me feel happy and feel happy! It's not too late, it's still too late

Tutor Lu gave a lecture to the students

student Zhang from Mianyang, Sichuan answered the question

26, which is another good start. "Creating a process oriented and efficient store operation and management system" was undertaken by Mr. Zhou Jun, the God of war. "Terminal big data marketing" is held by the elegant and fashionable teacher ADA. However, there is another lecturer that we are most familiar with and very fond of -- he is the versatile manager Lu, lecturer Lu! "Know her, get familiar with her, sell her well - product knowledge explanation" is the most appropriate sales training course, which greatly improves the students' practical ability (that is, keep taking notes, for fear of missing)! As soon as he became a lecturer, manager Lu, with the experience of more than 200 training sessions, can be described as a superb explanation. The students said that these are dry goods that can be implemented when they go home! Awesome awesome is really awesome! Let's continue to praise manager Lu

2015 isalai gold medal store manager special training camp students take a group photo as a souvenir

choose isalai! Life is more wonderful - yeah

the course ends on the evening of the 26th. Do you want to know about the awards of your partners? Want to see the excitement of winning the prize? Do you want to know how excellent the terminal store managers of our top ten brands of isalay curtains are? Then continue to pay attention to our update tomorrow! After that, there will be more wonderful atlas. There are always moments that can touch your heart. I'll see you next time

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