Color enlivens the home

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Color embellishment

cold tone cushions are very suitable for seats that dress up in neutral colors

matching scheme:

l cool blue is suitable for summer, and warm red or orange is suitable for winter

l choose a variety of patterns: choose bags with different patterns under the tone of the same color system

cooking color

the kitchen can also become charming because of the cold color

matching scheme:

l the color of the cabinet is best to keep the white tone, which is convenient for redecoration in the future

l when you decide to paint only part of the kitchen wall, you should choose an eye-catching color

l if the dishes are placed in an open manner, pay attention to their color to be coordinated with the wall

blue bedroom

blue is the most commonly used color in the bedroom, because it can not only calm people's impetuous emotions, but also arouse passion

matching scheme:

l the bedroom is suitable for soft cold colors, but it is necessary to avoid colors that are too cold and too bright

l it's better to paint the ceiling with the same color

l choose neutral brown tone with overall blue

cheerful and bright

natural and fresh green looks cheerful and pleasant in the white space

matching scheme:

l choose lively colors to cheer up the dull home environment

l create bright spots in pure white space with eye-catching colors

l expand the bright colors. For example, the softer yellow and green colors are used in the picture, among which

blue is a good partner

blue is suitable for fresh and natural decorations, not for delicate and tacky ones

matching scheme:

l mix exaggerated blue with natural and simple bamboo curtains

l alternate warm colors with cool colors: such as yellow Pinstripe armchair sofa and checkered carpet

l it is best to choose a variety of patterns for various elements in the room: broken flower headboard, striped sofa and checkered carpet

temporary fixation

in the right season, the removable sofa cushion cover and backrest cover can choose cold colors

matching scheme:

l make a beautiful blue coat for the pillow cushion with the remaining cloth at home

l the dark blue sofa cushion cover is calm and atmospheric, echoing the wall from afar

l the edge of the chair cushion cover is tied with a beautiful bow, which exudes romantic girlish feelings




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