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decoration is a regrettable art. No matter how well prepared you are before and during the decoration, you will always find some unsatisfactory places after you check in& ldquo; Make up for the lost ” Although it can make up for some regrets, the psychological trauma is incurable. If you want to try not to let yourself regret, sum up experience and listen to professional opinions

the following editor summarizes the things that most people feel regretful after decoration, and hopes to provide reference for you& emsp;

useless in open kitchen &emsp& emsp;

this kind of imported kitchen is only suitable for families who like western food. For families who eat Chinese food frequently, the smell of lampblack in the whole room can't be tolerated every time they cook. No matter how good the lampblack extractor is, it can't completely remove the smell of lampblack& emsp;


you can try to adopt a semi open design, that is, using glass, sliding doors and other methods, not only to ensure a wide vision, but also to block lampblack, and choose a lampblack machine with strong suction to make up for it, and open the windows and air conditioning when cooking& emsp;& emsp;

unqualified guerrillas are greedy for small gains and suffer heavy losses &emsp& emsp;

“ Covet small gains and suffer heavy losses ” For those who choose unqualified guerrillas, it is more suitable. It may cost more than regular decoration companies. Let alone, if they find decoration problems after staying for a period of time, the guerrillas have long wondered where to continue to fight guerrillas& emsp;


choose a formal decoration company and carefully read the signed decoration contract; The project supervisor is requested to supervise the decoration progress in the whole process; Invite professionals to inspect the house to avoid unnecessary trouble in the follow-up& emsp;& emsp;

if you don't do a good job of waterproof, be careful that the floor will be soaked &emsp

in the process of home decoration, waterproofing has certain concealment and complexity. Although the engineering quantity is relatively small, it is indeed one of the very important links. If the waterproof quality is not qualified, once there is a water leakage problem, not only their own floor is soaked, but also the downstairs floor may suffer& emsp;


it is very important to do a good job in the waterproof of kitchen, bathroom and balcony. Try not to damage the original waterproof layer of the building. If it is damaged during hydropower transformation, it should be waterproof again; The walls of toilets and balconies should also be waterproof, otherwise they will be moldy and skinned in case of water; Check and accept carefully after decoration, and use “ 24-hour water storage experiment ” Check the waterproof. If it is unqualified, it must be redone& emsp;

avoid “ Spider web ” Embarrassment &emsp

indoor wiring is a project before decoration. Because there is no accurate measurement during decoration, most people just determine the location of the power socket by simple visual inspection. When computers, TVs, and other household appliances are installed, they find that the location of the table legs or wardrobe just blocks the location of the power socket. In addition, many small household appliances such as humidifiers and fans have been unable to find redundant sockets& emsp;& emsp;


before deciding the location of power sockets, you should try to determine the size of the home location to be placed. If you can't determine the size, reserve as many sockets as possible. Sooner or later, you will find how wise this is& emsp;

improper floor material is easy to get gray and not resistant to dirt &emsp

choose cork flooring, but it can't stand bumps, and eventually the floor is scarred; Choose tiles. When there is sunshine at noon, the reflection of tiles is particularly dazzling& emsp;& emsp;


solid wood flooring has good environmental protection performance, but its hardness, anti deformation and cracking ability are slightly inferior, so it should be selected according to its own situation; When choosing ceramic tiles, we should not only consider the attributes of skid resistance and dirt resistance, but also consider the color of the tiles: the floor color should be a little light, so it is not easy to see dust; the kitchen and bathroom tiles should be a little deep, so it is not easy to find hair on the ground, so it is the most dirt resistant& emsp;

the storage room is not big enough, and there are too many things on the floor &emsp

after the decoration and check-in, I thought the storage room originally envisaged would be enough, but as time goes on, there will be more and more things that need to be placed, and there will be insufficient storage space& emsp;& emsp;


nowadays, most beds have storage functions, which can be used to store large items such as bedding. In addition, beautiful cabinets can be made on the walls of balconies, bedrooms, and study rooms to place small objects that are often used

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